Hey, I’m Harriet Key IMG_2973

And I’m a blogger, yogini, artist, and oily enthusiast here to share one of the most empowering truths I’ve learned: The body has an intrinsic, adaptable wisdom that, when unobstructed, can heal itself from the inside out.

We forget our innate capacity to overcome illness because we are constantly exposed to inputs that diminish that super power. From abounding toxic chemicals in everyday products to limited availability of food choices that are clean, whole and healthy, to a societal structure that promotes a largely sedentary lifestyle, we are not set up for success.

We can change that together.

It all starts with education. If you’re not sure how to use essential oils to support your campaign to reclaim radiant well-being, check out my free oil course!

If you’re committed to reinstating your body’s inner intelligence as your health’s headquarters, you’ll have to learn to educate yourself. There are many books, podcasts, blogs and videos that will help you along the way. Check out resources for some of my most trusted teachers and tools.

And finally, we need each other. Unfortunately, the path to  rejuvenated vitality, purpose and abundance can be a lonely one. Healthy choices are no longer the default in our society and often aren’t even visible. It’s paramount that we immerse ourselves in an inspiring community with a growth mindset.

If you haven’t found your tribe, check out my blog, Embodied Will. It’s an honest and humorous roadmap to figuring out what you truly want and how to embody that intention in order to manifest the reality that suits you. (PSA: the tone is a bit edgier than this site)