Essential Oils

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are a plant’s lifeblood; they are the most potent and powerful form of a plant distilled from shrubs, seeds, sap, flowers, trees, roots, fruit, rinds, resins and herbs

Essential oils protect the plant from pests with complex constituents forming its natural defense system. These same compounds are symbiotic with the human body and are what give essential oils therapeutic applications.

  • Mood elevation, stress reduction and emotional support
  • Mental clarity and stamina; brain health
  • Physical performance; joint and muscle support
  • Immune support; maintain wellness
  • Extremely high in antioxidant value
  • Compatible with diversity of gut flora
  • Non-toxic solutions to chemical-laden household products
  • Effective, safe and easy to use

Why Young Living?

It is estimated that up to 96% of Essential oils on the Market are adulterated, engineered, or extended with the use of synthetic chemicals and it’s perfectly legal to label them as pure and organic.

The Terms “100% pure,” “certified therapeutic grade” and “clinical grade” are all made up marketing terms; there is no rating system in the U.S. for essential oil!

That is why I put my trust in the only essential oil company that owns their own farms, distilleries and distribution centers and is in control every step of the way, from seed to seal.

Seed to Seal Infographic

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