In order to keep Essential oils affordable and available to everyone, distributors must talk about them in a highly generalized sense regarding the various ways essential oils can support your 12 body systems.

If you want to dive deeper, I recommend the following sources

Google &-or PubMed

Look up the following chemical constituent categories:


Or check out specific chemical constituents, e.g.:

  • Beta caryophyllene (e.g. Copaiba)
  • Methyl salicylate, menthol, eugenol (e.g. Panaway TM)
  • Alpha-pinene (e.g. Frankincense)
  • D-limonene (e.g. Lemon)

If you’re not big on web searches and want to learn from a scientific angle…

The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils – Kurt Schnaubelt (Illuminating & affordable)

The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple: David Stewart (deep dive, doctrinal)

Essential Oils Integrative Medical Guide: Gary D. Young (the book Gary wrote before he was censored by the FDA in what he could say about essential oils and their medicinal applications)

If you just want a good reference guide to look up specific oils, blends and uses…

My favorite is the Essential Oils Pocket Reference available from Life Science Publishing. You’ll receive this as a free gift when you sign up for your PSK using distributor #10672500. E-mail with promo code “GUIDE” after you sign up. 

I also use the app version of this guide, “Ref Guide for Essential Oils” by Abundant Health

If you want to learn about essential oils from a lifestyle angle…

Lucy Libido Says…There’s an Oil for That (For using EO between the sheets & for hormonal balance)

Renegade Beauty – Nadine Artemis (This book has super flowery hippy language, but I wouldn’t let that turn you off, it offers a wealth of information and recipes)

Holistic Dental Care – Nadine Artemis (if you’re interesting in using EO for oral health)

Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils – Carolyn Mein (self-explanatory!)

If you want to read accounts of what has worked for other oilers…

Oil Testimonials

If you prefer to learn on social media…

Join us in my Facebook group, The Joy Diffusers, where I teach classes about different health and wellness topics and share essential oil tips, tricks, and DIY recipes

If you want to know more about how to get your oils for free and/or the Young Living business opportunity

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