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Let’s learn about the industry leading company that sets the highest standards for purity and potency, Young Living:


A few more points…

  • There are no requirements in the U.S. save that a bottle contains 5% essential oil in order to be labeled pure and therapeutic!
  • In Europe, AFNOR standards have been established to specify the types and amounts of principal constituents that a quality essential oil should have.
    • For example, cypress must be distilled for exactly 24 hours to get all 280 properties – any more or any less and the product will not exhibit the full range of therapeutic applications. Most market Cypress is distilled for a mere 3.5 hours!
  • Young Living is one of the only essential oil producers in North America that collaborates with recognized analytical chemists in Europe to ensure that their essential oils meet AFNOR standards

Okay, you know

what oils are, where to find quality oils and generally how to use them, but what about specifically? How do you get the oils into your system so they can make the magic happen?

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